UA-65889172-1 was founded in 1993 by Phil Hutchins. Phil began selling, servicing and supporting computers quite by accident when his career as a book salesman evolved into that of a software salesman. It was just a little hard to sell software when his book customers didn't own a computer. Being resourceful, Phil solved the problem by creating and selling package deals all over Arkansas and surrounding states. (PC + Software + Support)

Fast forward to 2003 and Phil began supporting these clients via remote control instead of driving to each job. Today, clients simply click an icon in their system tray and submit a trouble ticket which summons remote support. Over these 22 years, Phil has developed a preventive maintenance routine that practically eliminates downtime for his users and guarantees a flat fee for unlimited support.

Phil and his lovely wife, Erin, are members of the Bible Church of Little Rock and have 5 adult children and 2 1/2 grandchildren (more soon?).