Subscriber Requirements

This is our most stringent requirement. We GUARANTEE to protect your PC from all sorts of risks and one way we do that is by blocking KNOWN infected sites. Because we GUARANTEE to clean and remove infections that get by our protections at no additional charge to you, we are careful to steer you away from dangers.We also block sites that have a propensity to become infected.

  • If you discover that we have mistakenly blocked a safe site, please let us know and we will investigate. If the site has been wrongly blocked, we will gladly consider unblocking that site.
  • Please open a ticket at email us at Please include the website in question.
  • If you wish to view sites which display pornography or illegal activities, we reserve the right to withdraw our GUARANTEE and/or cancel your subscription.

Leave your PC plugged in and turned on 24/7. We will disable the sleep mode and set the display to turn off instead. When we are connected, your desktop background turns black so you will know we are working.

Windows updates, 3rd-party updates, patches, upgrades, virus scans, hard drive defrags, backups and a multitude of other import housekeeping functions run when you are not using your PC. When you “shutdown” your PC or allow it to “sleep”, these important actions cannot be implemented. You may turn the monitor off should you desire to do so.

We have years of research invested in providing you with the best possible protections and all too often multiple programs conflict with each other – doing more harm than good.

We update almost 100 different 3rd-party programs as soon as the updates are available. You should rarely see an update notification on your desktop and if/when you do, please ignore it. If you see it more than once, it could be fake or an indication of a problem. Please notify us via our trouble ticket portal ( or

Believe it or not, your PC has almost all the software you will ever need already built-in. If you need a zip a file, unzip a file, read a PDF file, create a PDF file, or open a document presented in a format that you do not recognize, please DO NOT search for a FREE program. We can help. Please notify us via our trouble ticket portal ( or email