Meet our new grandson, Kye Takumi Helm


The year was 1976. Along with my uncle, Clark Hutchins, I was selling recreational vehicles at Moore RV. The owner was W.H. Bill Moore.


Each morning Mr. Moore would stop in for a recap of the previous day’s business. An old house that had been moved onto the property served as our office.  Mr. Moore would walk in, glance at all of us, mumble “Morning”, and turn to face the picture window in what was the living room. His routine included folding his hands behind his back and staring out the window at the inventory of motor homes, travel trailers and 5th-wheel campers. (I always suspected he memorized where they were parked). As he rocked back and forth from heel to toe, he would invariably ask, “What’s cooking?”


On one such occasion, I began telling him about each customer that had looked at our RVs the day before. Looking back, I am sure I provided details that were totally unnecessary. I was trying to convince him (and myself) that the previous day was packed full of potential successes even though we had not made a sale.


Mr. Moore abruptly turned to face me, interrupted my story and said,

“I don’t want to hear the labor pains – JUST SHOW ME THE BABY!


WOW! I have now had 40 years to replay that conversation over and over in my mind. We hadn’t sold anything the day before and there was no baby. End of story.


My re-telling the “labor pains” was simply an attempt to postpone the pain of sharing the truth.


Today, with over 23 years under my belt as ArkyTech (your “go-to-guy” for computer problems), I am thinking about all those times I have tried to tell you all the many things I have to do to keep your computer running smoothly. I confess. I have some times been offended when it seemed as if no one cared. After all, I am proud of all I have learned and how I have perfected a system of “what works” by eliminating “what doesn’t work”. Was I trying to justify myself? Was I looking for a “pat on the back”? Maybe.


I get it… finally…


Just like Mr. Moore, most of you just want to see the baby.  You really don’t care what I do , how I do it, or why – you just want your computer to work.


So, here it is.


For less than a nickel an hour, you can rest assured that your PC:


  • will respond immediately to your every command (preventive maintenance),
  • take you where YOU want to go (malware protection, web-filtering), 
  • preserve all your data, music, and photos (unlimited cloud backup),
  • and keep your private stuff private. (anti-hacker, anti-phishing).


Oh, and you can put me on speed-dial for those “how do I?” moments that we all have on occasion. (Unlimited Remote Support!) 


If you actually do care to know how I can do this for so little cost, I am always eager to proudly share the “labor pains”. Just know that it has taken me 23 years of trial and error to get here, so be prepared to listen for a while. Either way, there are only 3 easy steps to eliminate computer problems.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your plan and

Do it today, at


Let’s talk soon (about whatever YOU want to discuss),


Phil Hutchins

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