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Help Desk

Help Desk
ArkyTech-On-Call subscribers are invited to request a quote for HelpDesk or TechSupport services. Our standard rate is $120/hour or $1.99/minute and we charge in 6 minute increments (1/10th hour). Our Support Techs are U.S. Based and speak fluent Arkansas. ArkyTech Home Edition and ArkyTech Business Edition subscribers enjoy UNLIMITED HelpDesk, UNLIMITED TechSupport during business hours as well as UNLIMITED Backup. Do the math! Home Edition subscribers get all thatfor the price of 15 minutes/monthat standard rates. Business Edition subscribers pay the equivalent of 30 minutes/month at standard rates. Simply click the button and enter a trouble ticket. We will respond ASAP.



In order to remotely connect to your desktop or laptop computer, may install or ask you to install one of the following agents.

Your ArkyTech Support Technician will instruct you which remote access program to install.

Please wait until you know which one to click.

ArkyTech Connect

Remote Support Agent