This post is NOT for you…

No-Grandma-ListenIf your parents gave you an iPad or tablet before you could walk.
You have probably already upgraded to Windows 10.

If, however, you are a little older (or a lot older as in my case), you may not be sure what to do about this seemingly “forced” upgrade.

This post IS DEFINITELY for you.

Microsoft recently changed the Windows 10 upgrade to a “recommended” update. This means that unless you have specifically blocked it, you may very likely be surprised to have the new version of Windows installed while you aren’t looking. It is now classified as an update that you do not necessarily have to ask for.

I am hearing from clients who awoke to that surprise present and wondered if I did it. Actually, it wasn’t me!

If you need someone to take a quick look at your PC to determine if it is compatible with Windows 10, please make that happen sooner than later. My minimum charge is $30 and I would be happy to remotely inspect your system.

Repairing a failed upgrade can become a nightmare ($30 won’t touch it!). I had one that could not be repaired remotely.

Microsoft has made great strides since introducing Windows 10 last July and unless you know that your hardware or software is not compatible, there is no real reason to avoid the upgrade. Microsoft has advertised that it will remain FREE until July 29th, 2016. After that date, you will have to pay for your copy.

If your PC reports that it is compatible, the upgrade is designed to be a Do-It-Yourself project. Have at it!

However, I totally understand if you prefer to have it done for you. Check out my website for my rates and either email me at or call me at 1-844-Hey-Arky (1-844-439-2759) to book an appointment.

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